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Most corporate "about us" pages don't get this personal, so apologies in advance. 

I started PIg & Rooster (formally Smoke) out of a need to find myself. As most 40 something lost souls do, I found myself getting another tattoo. While exploring meanings and matching them with my soul, I came upon the pig and rooster tattoo. It was too hopeful at the time. I was not in the right place for a tattoo about luck and bringing me to dry land.


I was lost. Didn't enjoy running big organizations. I was further and further from the passion I had when I started in this business as a Procter & Gamble intern, which was the client and the audience. I was worrying about board meetings, financial projections and distributions to partners vs rolling my sleeves up and working on a whiteboard with a client all day to help THEM drive their business forward. That is what I love. 

I built Pig & Rooster to be the most innovative digital marketing firm in Raleigh built for the next generation of marketers who give a damn about clients and THEIR businesses. Pig & Rooster is a home for those who yearn to know what professional services looks like at their best. They all have a passion for pushing the digital frontier and finding the best way to reach the ideal customer with remarkable campaigns. 

What started as my catharsis has turned into a revolutionary agency doing business the right way, for the right people, and being a home for the people who yearn for it the most. 


After 25 years of taking care of my clients, I am blessed to have had made so many dear friends and colleagues. I say thank you to you all for giving us the support and the loyalty to let this marketer build something new and exciting - and to live his best life.

our values

We hire

We promote

We choose clients

We measure performance

We celebrate daily

We hold each other accountable 

This is our foundation and our measuring stick. We make decisions based on alignment to these core values. 

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Experience matters. You deserve a partner who has been in your seat - facing decisions that not only affect you but your employees, your customers and your future. Your business deserves to be personal to your partner. It is personal to me. Let's do something EPIC together.

- Jeff Kilman, Founder, CEO

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