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Today Is When PIGS FLY

From backyard weekend bbq warrior to professional pitmaster, one thing remains the same; the never-ending quest for the perfect cook. To have everyone remark about the smoke ring, the flavor, the bark, and the spice of each piece of food that touches their grates is what every BBQ'er craves to hear.

Why not create a brand made by a dedicated BBQ'er for BBQ'ers? Taking 20 years of smoking experience with meats, poultry, fish, and sides, this brand was ready to go to market and leave the realm of just helping friends and family.

They came to PIg & Rooster looking for an identity, a name, a brand that would resonate with every level of BBQ experience, and a marketing plan to go to market. We are off and running with tons more to come, but we wanted to share this exciting new brand with you.

So fire up your Weber, your backyard grill, or that offset smoker and rejoice. The BBQ of the Gods is about to come your way.



The beginning process - hundred of sketches that began to focus the brand into shape


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