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Welcome To The Hog Penny - All The News Fit To Print

Updated: May 3, 2022

We cover digital marketing trends, SEO tools, social media strategies, and some fun stuff happening at Pig & Rooster. Enjoy learnings and please share with us any and all thoughts and ideas along the way.

We are thrilled you have joined us at The Hog Penny. We will be sharing some useful information, tools, checklists and strategies around digital marketing for you to take and implement in your business today. We also hope to share a little of our personality, our opinions and a dash of craziness along the way.

Digital marketing is like a Doctor's visit. You don't look forward to the examination and someone telling you what you need to be doing but at the end you know it is the right thing to do.

Here is what you might find over the coming weeks.

Tools & Reviews

We are always testing and evolving our toolbox when it comes to things like SEO management, website design, A/B testing, s

cial media management, email marketing and analytics. We will share with you what we like, what we don't and give you the pros and cons to each decision. We want to arm you with all of the exploration and review we have done for ourselves so that you don't have to take the time yourself.


We are not short on our opinions on what the state of growth businesses is in today's climate. We love to share our thoughts and want to hear from you your opinions as well. Let's talk through it together and formulate something new in the world together.


We are a strategic consulting business after all. We will share with you case studies from our clients. What is working. What is not. New strategic lessons we see in the market will be dissected by our team to give you our unbiased opinion on if, when and how to implement a similar strategy in your business.

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