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Introducing The Compass Framework by Pig & Rooster - The Heading To Go From Idle To High Growth


The Quick:
  • Today we launch The Compass Framework - a Four day deep dive into your market, competitors, unique value proposition, and internal resources to grow ideal customer acquisition and revenue.

  • Based on the 20+ years of learnings from directing companies from idle performance to high-growth revenue.

  • The Compass Framework focuses on the Market landscape, the business' product-market fit, and the internal people, tools, and processes needed to go to high growth.

  • The input is a 4-day analysis with day 5 being an action plan review that the business can implement the very next day.


Today, I’m excited to announce we’re opening applications to Method, a unique playbook to help founders transform their companies from startup to scaleup.

Over the last 15+ years, we’ve founded multiple new ventures (including three successful agencies!) and invested in many others. We’ve advised (and often embedded ourselves into) our client companies to help them grow and make an impact. And we’ve learned a helluva lot along the way 😅

Our business philosophy and practice have already helped many companies refine their ideas into successful products with initial market traction.

Now, I'm thrilled to share the progress we’ve made codifying a framework for the scaling journey companies must navigate to go 'all the way' and achieve massive market impact.

What is the Output?
  • 4-day Total Process with a minor amount of your time

  • 2 Days of On-Site or Virtual Working Sessions Together

  • 1 day for a Complete Diagnostic of the Business

  • 1 day for:

  • 90 Day Go to Market Action Plan

  • Personnel Roles & Accountability Chart 

  • Action Plan for Processes, Tools & Data transformation

  • Campaign Concepts to Drive Hyper-Growth

To learn more about The Compass Framework by Pig & Rooster, please visit

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