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Introducing the compass
framework by


Taking companies from idle to high growth

The compass framework

Every company has a story. PIg & Rooster wants your story to be one of massive market transformation.

Over 70% of startups fail in the first 5 years. They all had the passion, drive, and belief in their business. What is the difference? After 20+ years of working with startups and companies looking to rapidly grow, we think it is comprised of 4 things.

  • Understanding intimately the market's need

  • Determining if there is a product-market fit to the need

  • Having the right people holding the perfect accountabilities for growth

  • Refining the process, tools and data needed to go from idle to a high growth company

Our Compass Framework defines all four of these success metrics to determine if you are ready for high growth and provides a detailed roadmap to getting there if you are. Are you ready to turbocharge your traffic, conversions, and revenue? Apply for a  Compass Framework Study today.

The 4 Navigations on the compass

The compass framework


Market Analysis

1st party research



Internal Stakeholders

3rd party research

Competitive Analysis

Product Market Fit

Competitive Comparison

Determine Unique Value Proposition alignment

Product, pricing,and promotion adjustments

People's Accountabilities

Determine roles needed for the growth stage.

What should each role be accountable for?

Who can fill those roles? 

What is open?

Build the ship: New Processes, tools and data needed for growth

Gap analysis from best-in-class to current status

Roadmap for building new systems for a 10x growth stage version of your company

We thought our issue was just a lack of ad budget. We could not have been more off base. The Compass Framework provided us with the research, insights and action plans to hit the gas on all fronts of customer acquisition growth.

Alberto Solis, CMO -  Decker, Perich & Sabatini Architecture

A Complete roadmap and action plan Ready For You To Activate the next day

4-day Total Process with a minor amount of your time
  • 2 Days of On-Site or Virtual Working Sessions Together

  • 1 day for a Complete Diagnostic of the Business

  • 1 day for:

    • 90 Day Go to Market Action Plan

    • Personnel Roles & Accountability Chart 

    • Action Plan for Processes, Tools & Data transformation

    • Campaign Concepts to Drive Hyper-Growth

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